Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skills, Proficiences and Languages

  • This section is the first to show more than one part of a character, mainly due to the other options not requiring much space.
  • Skills take up the main part of this section, and an expanded list of skills is given. Expanded as in even craft, profession and perform skill option is shown.
  • Class skills are automatically set based on the class, and any addition class feature that may treat a skill as a class skill like bardic knowledge for bards, or sorcerer bloodlines.
  • Each skill requires ranks to be entered, and these cannot exceed the maxium skill ranks for the level, and cannot be more then the total skill points available.
  • A miscellanous value can be assigned to a skill. Some are automatically added from feats (like skill focus) or classes. If skill focus, then the increase is checked against the number of ranks and is increased. Otherwise a score can be entered manually.
  • Languages are built up automatically from ones automatically given from race, and then bonus one based on the characters intelligence score.
  • A column shows where the languaged was gained from, either be it R from race and cannot be changed (as shown in orange) B for bonus, and S from linguistic skill.
  • When the language is selected for a bonus language, its checked against the list available for the race.
  • Druidic is the only language that can be selected.
  • The total languages are displayed for reference.
  • Proficiences are split into generic and then specific proficiencies. This are updated from classes and feats.

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