Thursday, October 29, 2009


  • Feats are shown in order they are gained from
  • This includes bonus feats from races, feats gained at levels, and bonus feats gained by classes.
  • Some feats added in this way cannot be changed and are shown as orange in the grid.
  • When selecting a feat, its listed in order of normals feats, item creation feats, metamagic, then monster feats.
  • Each feat is checked against its prerequisite if it has any. This includes other feats, Base Attack bonus, ability score, proficincy in a skill etc etc....
  • If if a feat is selected for a class i.e monk or ranger, then its limited source is checked first, and then if the feat still is required to check prerequisties, then that is done so.
  • Feats that require a choice will be prompted for that choice from either a list of weapons, skills of spell schools as required. This includes feats that cannot be changed gained above. The feat choice is then showed in brackets.

  • This meant I had to rename some feats slightly like improved critical to improved weapon critical.
  • The basic detail of the feats are then shown on the right and cannot be changed.
  • I really liked the way I did this as it shows you exactly how and when you obtained a feat.

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