Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weapons (Melee)

  • Little while since my last update but glad to finally have something for you all before the Christmas break.
  • Weapons are being broken down into the three categories that they are used - Melee, Ranged and Thrown. At the moment only the Melee weapons are finialised.
  • Similar to the Armor control, the Melee Weapons control asks for the weapon to be entered.
  • A option is available for quality similar to armor showing the enchantment bonus. This is added to the bonuses which is a clickable field to show the different scores.
  • Like other controls I have tried to automate as much as possible, which requires input from how the weapon is to be wielded in most cases.
  • The options of how to wield the weapon included one-handed, two-handed, Two weapon fighting (with option of primary (light), primary, off-hand), double weapon (primary and off-hand) and natural attack options. Many of these options cannot be selected unless the weapon is allowed to be wielded this way.
  • The BAB progression is then updated based on how the weapon is being wielded such as only one attack allowed for a natural weapon.
  • All feats which affect weapons a checked against and applied against the bonus / progression or damage for the weapon. Such that if character does not have the improved two-weapon fighting feat, then they only get one attack with the off-hand weapon; or if they have the weapon focus feat they gain +1 to attack.
  • Profiencies are also checked and penalaties applied.
  • The damage is split into damage from the weapon, the damage gained from other sources such as strength bonus. This field is clickable to show the different scores.
  • The control also handles the weapon size being changed, adjusting the weapon damage based on a weapon of medium size to the currently selected size.
  • If I have missed anything for this control, please let me know as usual.