Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Application Update

The application has been uploaded to which has all the changes I have posted today. Enjoy.

Equipment (Load and Encumbrance

  • Load and Encumbrance effect the character in many ways, mainly an armor check penalty similar to armor, and the maximum dexterity a character can use for their AC, again similar to armor. However this never stacks with armor, only the worse score is used.
  • The total load is calculated from the different equipment sections, and refreshes everytime the section is displayed.
  • The encumbrance level is based on the characters strength score, and how much load the character is carriying.
  • The light, medium and heavy load limites are calculated based on the character strength, and the lift and drag weights calculated from there.
  • The encumbrance level that character is then calculated to be at is shown in bold.
  • This is then checked throughout the application where a abilities only apply if a character has a certain encumbrance level.
  • And thus ends the equipment section. I'll be updating the demo with these changes shortly.

Equipment (Wealth)

  • Wealth is split into two sections: Coinage and Valuables.
  • Coinage is split into the 4 different types of coins CP, SP, GP and PP.
  • The weight is calculated as 50 coins to one pound.
  • I also added a banked section for coins as I am aware of some games using a banking system.
  • Valuables is a similar grid to carried items, except the wealth of the item is required.
  • The total wealth is calculated from both the coins (including banked) and valulables.

Equipment (Carried and Stored Items)

  • This section allows 20 items to be saved for either items carried by the character, or stored away in another location that don't affect the characters load.
  • The locations are selected by a dropdown with the carried locations including the body slots used for magic items.
  • Items that are stored are items that are either stored in some location the character can get back to, or an extradimensial space such as a bag of holding or handy haversack. That way the item doesnt count towards the characters load as stated.
  • A total weight control is present for the carried equipment to give a running total of the weight. The total load is handled in the Load and Encumbrance section.
  • The reset buttons allows for the items to be cleared in their respectively section.

Equipment Update

  • Back again with another update, this time the equipment section.
  • Previously I had a section for Worn Equipment. I have now expanded that out to cover all the equipment options available for a character.
  • Instead of having a page for each item, I have now split them into sections similar to weapons, allowing for the options to be group togethor better.
  • There are four sections, with the first being worn items (which replaces the worn equipment but essentially the same), Carried and Stored Items, Wealth (coinage and valauables) and a section for Load and Ecumbrance.
  • As seen, nothing has changed on the worn items page. But as stated previously the armor and shield controls have a button menu that is used to clear the slot.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weapons Update

  • Each weapon control in the weapons section now has a menu that can be used presently to clear the slot from its current choice.
  • This is also present for armor and shield choices.
  • The menu will be expaned upon to allow choices to be moved up and down, or moved into the equipment list.
  • The equipment list is current being worked on and will be the next update to the application.


  • In this section I have allowed the different types of resistances to be displayed and edited and is fairly self explanatory to who it is used.
  • Each type of Resistance has its own section - Damage Reduction, Energy Resistance and Immunities. Vision has also been added to this section as it uses a similar format.
  • Each has a variant of type, amount and source which can be updated by the user, with 4 choices per each available.
  • Those gained automatically cannot be updated and are greyed out.
  • It is then upto the user to determine which resistance type to use in any given situation.
  • Each has a reset button which will remove all except automatically gained sources.
  • An editable box is present to add any conditions the character may have gained. This will be expanded in the furture.

Health and Saves Update

  • When I first posted about this section, I mentioned there was a flaw in the design in that damage reduction, energy resistances, immunities and vision cannot be manually entered if the character gains it from another source such as an item.
  • I have now corrected that problem by given those items there own section, and thus this screen has had them removed, leaving this section feeling less clutered I beleive.
  • The other main update to this screen is the Spell Resistance field now can have scores entered against it for various sources.
  • All sources of spell resistance be it an internal source or one entered by the user are all automatically set with a bonus type of 'Spell Resitance'. This is due to spell resistances not stacking. So the highest score is then used as the Spell Restistance for the character

The trouble with Installshield

Seems that to upgrade installshield, you must first remove the existing copy before installing the new. With that in mind I have created the Deno using a newer version of Installsheild. So for those expericnign problems with the installation, can you please try again and let me know the results.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Application Update

Hi All,

There is an update to the program now available Sorry no printable sheet yet, it was things on my need-to-list I wanted to finaliase before doing that. Please let me know if you disagree with my limited of 6 levels per character. I may be able to be talked into making that a bit higher ;)

I will be updating the blog later with screen shots and etc, but for now here is a quick log of what has changed.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Exotic Weapons are now being handled correctly.
  • Weapon Training from fighter not being applied to bonus and damage.
  • Improved Critical and Fighter Weapon Mastery was only caclulated when a new weapon was selected, and not updated existing.
  • Defence Combat Training feat now checked for CMD.
  • Scores of the same "bonus type" where not being handled correctly.
  • If selected exotic weapon proficiency feat and then a weapon focus feat, the prerequsite check didn't recognise the character being profiencient.


  • Weapons, armor and sheilds now have a "red-dot" button which opens a menu for clearing the slot. This will be expanded on later with more functionality.
  • Spell Restiance now allows multiple sources to be entered, all with the bonus type of 'spell resistance' to only have the highest score allocated. - DR, ER, Immunties & Vision all moved into a new section.

New Features:

  • New Section Called Resistances used for DR, ER, Immunties & Vision.
  • Allows for 4 choices to be eneted in each section. - Items gained from internal sources are not allowed to be changed and changed as grey

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weapons (Thrown)

  • This section we look at thrown weapons. I made the decession to split between ranged and thrown weapons as there was enough subtle differences to warrant it.
  • The control again is based on the melee weapons control.
  • Instead of having a Finesse checkbox, a Quick Draw checkbox is present, as if the character doesn't have quick draw, the Rate of Fire is only once per round.
  • Pathfinder has introduced feats for improvised weapons, which are mostly used in a throwing capactity. When selecting the weapon, a choice is available for all melee weapons which can be thrown, or an actual improvised weapon choice.
  • The improvised weapon choice requies the user to enter in the details of what type of damage and etc is used. The only thing they can't change is the critical range and mutiplier which is also 20 and x2 for improvised weapons.
  • The improvised weapon master feat is the only feat that changes the threat range.
  • Splash weapons are also handled with the few choices available for selection.
  • Again many feats that are used for thrown weapons are circumstantial, so I have no automatically updated this, opting for the user to enter these as required.
  • I will be uploading the demo shortly with these changes.

Weapons (Ranged)

  • Well I'm back from the Christmas break and have done some more developing and pleased to release the Weapons page fully. This section we look at ranged weapons.
  • The range weapons control is based on the melee weapons control, except with ranged weapons ammuntion comes into play. This required more space and thus only 3 ranged weapons can be entered.
  • Ammunition has its own quality, which is of better quality then the bow itself, its updated in the damage. Ammunition can also have its own properites, so a field is available to be entered.
  • Bows are fired at normal ROF, however Crossbows require the character to have the Rapid Reload feat or a Repeating crossbow to by able to fire more than once a turn. The BAB progression is automatically updated based on those rules.
  • Composite bows have strength ratings associated with them, which when a composite bow is selected, the strength rating can be entered. This effects the damage, and if the character does not have a equal or greater strength bonus as the strength rating, then suffers a penalty.
  • I choose not to handle two weapon fighting with crossbows which is possible, but gets very messy, so this will be required to be updated by the user.
  • The majority of the feats available to ranged weapons are circumstantial, so I choose not to automatically add those, again leaving this to the user for updating. Otherwise I have handled all the feats as the same as the melee weapons control.
  • Stay tuned for Thrown weapons.