Thursday, October 29, 2009

Class Options

  • Class options is a section I left for some time as I wanted to get the other sections working before delving into what each class affected. The section is designed to choose the different options available for each class.
  • Only the classes that have been selected in page 3 can be accessed. The order of the classes is determined by the order in which the class were entered i.e Rogue then Fighter.
  • The features for selection are determined on the class level for that class. Higher level features are only displayed when the class is found to have sufficient level.
  • Each page displays a grid with the special abilities for the class. Only the features available for the class level are shown.
  • If the class has a feature that requires a choice at a periodic level, these are displayed in the grid along with the classes special abilities. If the options can only be selected as determined by the class, and check for any prerequisites it may require such as class level.
  • Other class features that are either a one time choice, or add new features based on the class level, are shown next to the grid. Class features such such as Domains, Bloodlines and Wizard Schools display the features based on the class level. Others class features such as Favoured Enemies and Weapon Groups, require a selection to be made, but are automatically updated based on the order they were entered.
  • Classes that do not require any option to be chosen, still display the grid as well as other relevant information
  • If the class feature adds a feat or improved a skill or gives the character another ability, this is handled in the relevant section.
  • I'll be posting screen shots of each class at level 10 to see the different options available.

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