Friday, November 13, 2009

Health and Saves

  • Like the previous page, this section covers a more than one aspect of a character: Health (Hit Points, Damage Reductions, Energy Resistances and Immunities), and Saves.
  • The hit points are generated automatically by the system. This is based on the characters consitition bonus, and hit points gained by levels and any additional item such as favoured class benefit, toughness feat and a Toad familiar. All are set individually and shown when clicked.
  • Other hit point values (current hit points, nonlethal damange) have been added for reference that are saved with the character.
  • This is the first section to actually quote some of the rules, as I've found that it can get confusing about how much damage you have actually taken when dealing with nonleathal damage.
  • Damage reductions, energy resistances and immunities are also automatically populated based on class abilities such as sorcerer bloodlines.
  • Saves are split into base save, ability modifier, and misc bonus to give a total.
  • Any feature that gives a permenant bonus to a save is automatically added to the misc bonus section. This includes feats, racial features, and class abilities. All are individually set and can be seen when clicked.
  • Like abilities, a temp score is also available to be entered which override the total with this score.
  • If the character gains evasion or improved evasion from a class feature, this is automatically updated.
  • A section for spell resistance is also present which can be gained from some class features, otherwise is entered manually.
  • Some class features also improved a characters vision, this are automatically set as well.
  • A character can gain many conditional modifiers to saves. These are all automatically shown for the character based on their race and any class feature that gives one.
  • The biggest flaw with this screen is that damage reduction, energy resistances, immunities and vision cannot be manually entered if the character gains it from another source such as an item. I am still devising a way to correct this.

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