Friday, November 27, 2009


  • Finally I have managed to created a Demo of the application for you all to view. The demo can be downloaded at Please let me know of any installation issues with the program.
  • If an error occurs, a log will be created in the program directory. Can you please either send me the two errorlog.* files or a screen shot of the error that has occured so that I may correct.
  • Otherwise if you have any comments of suggestions feel free to let me know and I'll take them onboard. The application is still very much in progress.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Worn Equipment

  • This section was inspired by the magic item record sheet from the Magic Item Compendium in 3.5, however with pathfinder there is more slots then 3.5
  • Each slot outside of Armor and Shields allows you to entered in the details of an item and the weight it applicable.
  • If the item entered is longer then the field length, then the tooltip shows the full item. I thought about making this a smaller field but found this size was the best.
  • Armor and shields instead of entering a item, have a drop down of the available armors split into their types.
  • When selected, the armor value, max dex, check penality, spell failure and speed are all automaically updated.
  • The quality of the armor / shield can be selected which updates the armor value and check penalty.
  • Those items can be updated again incase their is an additional property such as mithral that effects the values.
  • So to record any special materials and magic enchantments, I added an additional properties field to have them shown.
  • The wrist slot allows bracers of armor and has a field to enter this in an AC value.
  • This items are then checked against when working out the AC for the character.
  • Currently items do not update any other part of the character sheet, so an headband of inspiration would need be manually added to the wisdom score for the character for example.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Combat Modifiers

  • Combat modifiers covers off most of the combat related aspects of a character: Initiative, Base Attack Bonus, Combat bonuses (melee and ranged attack progression, Combat Manevurer bonuses), Armor Class values and Movement.

  • Initiative is based on the characters dexerity score and if they have the improved initiative feat which is added as a misc bonus.

  • Base attack progression is calculated on the characters levels they have gained as setup in the level progression area. This is then used to determine the Melee and Ranged attack progression.

  • Any feature that improves a attack progression is added to the misc score, otherwise the breakdown of ability modifier, size modifer and 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc attack is shown and cannot be changed.

  • Combat Manevurer bonuses are set based on the pathfinder rules.

  • Both CMB and CMD that have any misc bonuses added to them and can be seen indivually when clicked. These include Armor Training for fighters, and AC Bonus for Monks.

  • For CMB, if the character has the agile manevures feat, dex is used instead of str, so this is shown for reference and alters the ability modifier. And if a monk, the monk's level is used instead of the BAB value.

  • Armor Class is broken down into the various values required i.e. With Shield, no Shield, Flat Footed and Touch AC. Uncanny dodge is updated if gained from a class feature, and the flat footed AC adjusted accordingly.

  • The armor worn by the character determines the armor bonus. This is set in the worn equipment section and cannot be changed.

  • The armor worn also sets the max dexterity score that can be used. This is also adjusted by class abilities such as fighter armor training.

  • A section is given for natural armor and deflection bonuses, as well as any misc bonuses gained from other sources.

  • Movement section first sets up the total movement speed based on the characters size, and then checked against the speed of armor worn. If the character has the Slow and Steady rule (such as being a dwarf, this is taken into account).

  • The rate at which the character can run is then calculated on the armor worn (adjusted by armor training for fighters).

  • Any feature that improves a character speed such as fast movement from monk and barbarian are added as misc scores.

  • The other speed types are also given and are updated if the character gains that type of speed from a source such as sorcerer bloodlines.

  • Any others conditional modifiers for any of the option are listed as well.

Health and Saves

  • Like the previous page, this section covers a more than one aspect of a character: Health (Hit Points, Damage Reductions, Energy Resistances and Immunities), and Saves.
  • The hit points are generated automatically by the system. This is based on the characters consitition bonus, and hit points gained by levels and any additional item such as favoured class benefit, toughness feat and a Toad familiar. All are set individually and shown when clicked.
  • Other hit point values (current hit points, nonlethal damange) have been added for reference that are saved with the character.
  • This is the first section to actually quote some of the rules, as I've found that it can get confusing about how much damage you have actually taken when dealing with nonleathal damage.
  • Damage reductions, energy resistances and immunities are also automatically populated based on class abilities such as sorcerer bloodlines.
  • Saves are split into base save, ability modifier, and misc bonus to give a total.
  • Any feature that gives a permenant bonus to a save is automatically added to the misc bonus section. This includes feats, racial features, and class abilities. All are individually set and can be seen when clicked.
  • Like abilities, a temp score is also available to be entered which override the total with this score.
  • If the character gains evasion or improved evasion from a class feature, this is automatically updated.
  • A section for spell resistance is also present which can be gained from some class features, otherwise is entered manually.
  • Some class features also improved a characters vision, this are automatically set as well.
  • A character can gain many conditional modifiers to saves. These are all automatically shown for the character based on their race and any class feature that gives one.
  • The biggest flaw with this screen is that damage reduction, energy resistances, immunities and vision cannot be manually entered if the character gains it from another source such as an item. I am still devising a way to correct this.