Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Race & Attributes

  • As can be seen, this section is used to set the race & attributes and other details of any character at time of creation.
  • Attributes can be entered in manually, or when no class levels have been entered, rolled for using the system setup in preferences. Either way enteres in a base score for the attribute.
  • Temp scores can be also entered that the program checks to use when an attribute is required for another section.
  • When the race is changed, the racial traits are shown as a reference for the user. If the race is human or half-elf, the screen gives the ability to select the attribute to update, or the 2nd favoured class respectivly.
  • Otherwise if the race has an racial modifier to an attribute, this is updated automatically and cannot be changed. Any feature a character may have that alters an attribute is handled in a similar manner.
  • When the character has levels as setup in the level progression section, the total class level is shown, and the tool tip displays the breakdown of each class and level.

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