Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Level Progression

  • The level progression section is based on an excel spreadsheet I made to see how my characters above 1st level would have come about when it came to hit and skill points as well as their other features. Pathfinder added the concept of favoured class which allowed an addition +1 hit or skill point based on if the class selected was the same as the favoured class selected.
  • The yellow columns indicate the areas that can be entered, with a class checking against the alignment prerequisites associated.
  • The first level always receives max hit points, so this is why it is indicated in orange. Otherwise the roll for the level is entered. These values are then used in the Health & Saves section.
  • The favoured class benefit can only be entered if the class is the favoured class. If the benefit is +1 hit point, then the amount is included again in the Health & Saves section. If the benefit is +1 skill point, then it is added to the total skill points column which includes any intelligence modifier (which is shown for reference)
  • This section also includes the level ability bonuses gained at every 4th level. An attribute is required to be entered, and the attributes on page 1 are updated in accordance.
  • Both the level progression and level ability bonuses can be reset, allowing new values to be entered.

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