Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Equipment (Load and Encumbrance

  • Load and Encumbrance effect the character in many ways, mainly an armor check penalty similar to armor, and the maximum dexterity a character can use for their AC, again similar to armor. However this never stacks with armor, only the worse score is used.
  • The total load is calculated from the different equipment sections, and refreshes everytime the section is displayed.
  • The encumbrance level is based on the characters strength score, and how much load the character is carriying.
  • The light, medium and heavy load limites are calculated based on the character strength, and the lift and drag weights calculated from there.
  • The encumbrance level that character is then calculated to be at is shown in bold.
  • This is then checked throughout the application where a abilities only apply if a character has a certain encumbrance level.
  • And thus ends the equipment section. I'll be updating the demo with these changes shortly.

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