Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weapons (Thrown)

  • This section we look at thrown weapons. I made the decession to split between ranged and thrown weapons as there was enough subtle differences to warrant it.
  • The control again is based on the melee weapons control.
  • Instead of having a Finesse checkbox, a Quick Draw checkbox is present, as if the character doesn't have quick draw, the Rate of Fire is only once per round.
  • Pathfinder has introduced feats for improvised weapons, which are mostly used in a throwing capactity. When selecting the weapon, a choice is available for all melee weapons which can be thrown, or an actual improvised weapon choice.
  • The improvised weapon choice requies the user to enter in the details of what type of damage and etc is used. The only thing they can't change is the critical range and mutiplier which is also 20 and x2 for improvised weapons.
  • The improvised weapon master feat is the only feat that changes the threat range.
  • Splash weapons are also handled with the few choices available for selection.
  • Again many feats that are used for thrown weapons are circumstantial, so I have no automatically updated this, opting for the user to enter these as required.
  • I will be uploading the demo shortly with these changes.

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