Friday, January 15, 2010

Application Update

Hi All,

There is an update to the program now available Sorry no printable sheet yet, it was things on my need-to-list I wanted to finaliase before doing that. Please let me know if you disagree with my limited of 6 levels per character. I may be able to be talked into making that a bit higher ;)

I will be updating the blog later with screen shots and etc, but for now here is a quick log of what has changed.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Exotic Weapons are now being handled correctly.
  • Weapon Training from fighter not being applied to bonus and damage.
  • Improved Critical and Fighter Weapon Mastery was only caclulated when a new weapon was selected, and not updated existing.
  • Defence Combat Training feat now checked for CMD.
  • Scores of the same "bonus type" where not being handled correctly.
  • If selected exotic weapon proficiency feat and then a weapon focus feat, the prerequsite check didn't recognise the character being profiencient.


  • Weapons, armor and sheilds now have a "red-dot" button which opens a menu for clearing the slot. This will be expanded on later with more functionality.
  • Spell Restiance now allows multiple sources to be entered, all with the bonus type of 'spell resistance' to only have the highest score allocated. - DR, ER, Immunties & Vision all moved into a new section.

New Features:

  • New Section Called Resistances used for DR, ER, Immunties & Vision.
  • Allows for 4 choices to be eneted in each section. - Items gained from internal sources are not allowed to be changed and changed as grey

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  1. I found some more little bugs over the weekend. Have updated the application again.