Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weapons (Ranged)

  • Well I'm back from the Christmas break and have done some more developing and pleased to release the Weapons page fully. This section we look at ranged weapons.
  • The range weapons control is based on the melee weapons control, except with ranged weapons ammuntion comes into play. This required more space and thus only 3 ranged weapons can be entered.
  • Ammunition has its own quality, which is of better quality then the bow itself, its updated in the damage. Ammunition can also have its own properites, so a field is available to be entered.
  • Bows are fired at normal ROF, however Crossbows require the character to have the Rapid Reload feat or a Repeating crossbow to by able to fire more than once a turn. The BAB progression is automatically updated based on those rules.
  • Composite bows have strength ratings associated with them, which when a composite bow is selected, the strength rating can be entered. This effects the damage, and if the character does not have a equal or greater strength bonus as the strength rating, then suffers a penalty.
  • I choose not to handle two weapon fighting with crossbows which is possible, but gets very messy, so this will be required to be updated by the user.
  • The majority of the feats available to ranged weapons are circumstantial, so I choose not to automatically add those, again leaving this to the user for updating. Otherwise I have handled all the feats as the same as the melee weapons control.
  • Stay tuned for Thrown weapons.

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