Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Health and Saves Update

  • When I first posted about this section, I mentioned there was a flaw in the design in that damage reduction, energy resistances, immunities and vision cannot be manually entered if the character gains it from another source such as an item.
  • I have now corrected that problem by given those items there own section, and thus this screen has had them removed, leaving this section feeling less clutered I beleive.
  • The other main update to this screen is the Spell Resistance field now can have scores entered against it for various sources.
  • All sources of spell resistance be it an internal source or one entered by the user are all automatically set with a bonus type of 'Spell Resitance'. This is due to spell resistances not stacking. So the highest score is then used as the Spell Restistance for the character

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