Friday, November 27, 2009


  • Finally I have managed to created a Demo of the application for you all to view. The demo can be downloaded at Please let me know of any installation issues with the program.
  • If an error occurs, a log will be created in the program directory. Can you please either send me the two errorlog.* files or a screen shot of the error that has occured so that I may correct.
  • Otherwise if you have any comments of suggestions feel free to let me know and I'll take them onboard. The application is still very much in progress.


  1. I've already been informed of one slight bug, thats attributes of 10 are given a result of -1. This is why I created this demo to get people to see things that I'm obvious missing because I'm so used to the app. I've created a new setup and uploaded it for downloading.

  2. I have created a new demo with the weapon changes in place ready for download.

  3. Another demo is up and ready for downloading.

  4. I should have noted, that the demostration application is now limited to 6 levels per character.