Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Worn Equipment

  • This section was inspired by the magic item record sheet from the Magic Item Compendium in 3.5, however with pathfinder there is more slots then 3.5
  • Each slot outside of Armor and Shields allows you to entered in the details of an item and the weight it applicable.
  • If the item entered is longer then the field length, then the tooltip shows the full item. I thought about making this a smaller field but found this size was the best.
  • Armor and shields instead of entering a item, have a drop down of the available armors split into their types.
  • When selected, the armor value, max dex, check penality, spell failure and speed are all automaically updated.
  • The quality of the armor / shield can be selected which updates the armor value and check penalty.
  • Those items can be updated again incase their is an additional property such as mithral that effects the values.
  • So to record any special materials and magic enchantments, I added an additional properties field to have them shown.
  • The wrist slot allows bracers of armor and has a field to enter this in an AC value.
  • This items are then checked against when working out the AC for the character.
  • Currently items do not update any other part of the character sheet, so an headband of inspiration would need be manually added to the wisdom score for the character for example.

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