Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Printable Sheet - Page 1

  • I'm pleased to annouce that I have completed work on the first page of the printable character sheet. The sheet is based on the pathfinder character sheet with some alterations to suit the program.
  • Everything is pre-filled from the character program with some items only showing selective details.
  • Only the best Damage reduction is printed assuming the character has DR and there are more then 2 types present.
  • Only 5 weapons are shown, with 3 melee / thrown weapons in the top 3 slots, and 2 ranged weapons in the bottom 2. The weapons are taken in order they appear in the program from top down, and thus I'll be working on a way to change their order in the program.
  • Only 39 skill slots are shown, this includes 3 slots for Craft, and 2 for both Perform and Profession. I have on my list to work on a way to show less of one of these three and more of the others if the character has more such as a bard with perform who is likely to have more then 3 perform skills selected.
  • The default for the program is preview which can be changed in the preferences screen. The other options are print and tiff. Tiff creates an file of extension 'tif' in an output directory. I added this option for the times where you may want to send your sheet to someone such as your DM.
  • The sheet can also be printed without needing a character which prints blank options for manual use.
  • I plan on making the following sheets more dynamicable by allowing different options to be printed, but for the time now page 1 should suffix as I work on some of the other options.
  • The demo has been updated and is ready for use at

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