Thursday, February 18, 2010

Effects & Conditions

  • I have implemented a new feature to the application that allows different effects to be applied to a character. Effects are any bonuses or penalties that apply to different characterstics of the character at various times.
  • A main example of this are conditions that a character can gain, which apply penalties to different characterstics of the character, hence why this now has its own section.
  • This replaces the conditions edit box in the Resistances section and now lists all the gainable conditions a character can get.
  • When one is to be applied, the relevant checkbox is checked. The details of the condition are then shown in the summary section, and the relevant effect added to the effects section.
  • This then leads to the next section - Effects.

  • Each effect that applies to a different characterstic needs to be entered invidually. Thus if a character is under the Elemental Body spell or wild shape ability, each characterstic must be entered in.
  • The characterstics that the effect can be applied to start with the abilities and include size; saves listed indivually and all; combat modifers that include initiative, damage, attack bonus, melee attack bonus, ranged attack bonus, CMB, CMD, armor class and natural armor; speed items; resistances items; skills listed indiviually or all skills; and some class ability items.
  • If the effect gives a bonus type, this can be selected from the known bonus types.
    And then the bonus itself. Some characterstics require the bonus to be entered in a particular format. DR for example needs to be in the format number/reduction and vision in the format of type - range.
  • Each characterstic in the application an effect can affect is checked and the bonus added as seen below.

  • So because of the large list of characterstics that a spell, item or class ability may effect, I have allowed a large number of items to be entered. The click menu system is also present to allow effect items to be moved, deleted, duplicated.
  • This combined with only effects that have been checked to apply actually apply, lets mutiple sets of effect to be entered and then the effect turned on and off for different situations.
  • It does require a lot of manual entereing, but once setup I beleive this is a great enchancement to the application.

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